Our approach for this website is to present both Christian and secular ideas and resources. Often, culture embraces ideas that Christians would be wise to apply. Sometimes, this “new” wisdom, recently adopted into society, has it roots in Biblical truths. (Such is the case with the Simon Sinek video posted here.) Rather than passively hoping the Christian community runs with these concepts, we will present them and promote them here. We will also encourage practices that may originate from other religions. For example, just as the Jewish community acknowledges a special connection among fellow Jews, we will nurture the special connection among Christians.

So, in short, we will not shun a valuable idea that might benefit the cause of Christ, simply because it did not originate from a Christian source. However, everything we present here will be in keeping with our beliefs, as stated here.

We invite you to share your comments on our blog. However, we have the reasonable expectation that your posts express kindness and decorum. Any that are argumentative, mean-spirited, crass, not in keeping with Biblical truth or otherwise counterproductive to the purpose of this website will be removed, and future posts from that individual will be blocked. Self-promotional posts left here will also be removed. However, we do provide an opportunity for you to showcase your current blog articles, websites and resources in our weekly “Talk It Up Tuesday” feature on our Christians Encouraging Christians facebook community group. We encourage you to join us there.

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