Many people I talk to share that they are overwhelmed by all they think they need to do to market and publicize their ministries. There are so many great resources, tools and Social Media platforms and they think that they have to do it all. Maybe eventually. But the truth is, like anything you want to succeed at over time, you just need to begin by focusing on one thing and expand from there.

Sharing your ministry is easier than you might think, but the answer is not in the “what”. The answer lies in the “who”. I recommend that you don’t get caught up in worrying about SEO or email marketing or making your ministry a superstar on every Social Media platform. Start with people.

These steps are a natural—and effective—progression to help you establish critical processes and sustain your momentum over the long run:

1. Begin by inviting a Core Group of individuals you trust and have confidence in. These need to be people who will give you their honest opinions and who have your ministry’s best interest at heart. You don’t want “yes men”. You want people who you know will speak plainly when your ministry is going off course. Ask them for perspective and recommendations for marketing solutions.

2. Your Support Team will grow organically from your Core Group. If you’ve selected individuals for your Core Group who are truly invested in your ministry’s success, your team will grow as a natural overflow of your conversations. You’ll find that, as you discuss strategy, one or more of your Core Group may know someone else who can provide your SEO, or some other component. In this way, you’ll build a solid Support Team of recommended helpers and vendors.

3. Your Extended Support Team will continue to build naturally. As you begin to meet and work with your Support Team, some of the people you connect with will be very supportive of your ministry. They will naturally talk to others—in both their professional and personal networks. They might even serve as a Focus Group, when you want to test the waters of perception before launching a new initiative or campaign.

Once you have completed these three steps, you’ll find that, for most of your needs, you’re within three or four degrees of anyone who can help you. Just resist the urge to rush the process. These three steps are concentric circles; don’t move to the next step until the first is completed. Then move to the next and grow from there.

So, I recommend you start with this intentional, achievable approach and you’ll find your needs are met, without feeling overwhelmed. Putting a solid, reliable network and structure in place will ensure that others are supporting your ministry’s marketing goals, even if you’re not personally equipped to do it all.

by Rodney Bowen / Bowen Digital, /

as told to Christy Kohnle / Founder, Limitless Ministries

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