I have been looking forward to introducing the Pink Bus Ministry to you. It is such a dynamic and powerful program serving the Eastside of Charleston, SC, by providing structured activities, mentoring and sharing the love of Jesus with young girls. The program’s Director, Shantell Scott will be a Contributor on this website. Shantell is doing so many amazing things in the lives of these girls–being present, intentionally speaking God’s Word into their lives and serving as a living example of what a Godly woman looks, behaves, thinks and lives like.

One of the key components of this program is an 8-week summer camp. This year, the first week of camp, tragedy struck in the very community where this ministry takes place. Neighbors and family members of friends of these girls were brutally and senselessly killed as they shared the Bible with a stranger.

As ministry leaders, we plan and prepare our program focusing on all the details…messaging, scheduling, coordinating volunteers…But how do we respond when tragedy intervenes? In the wake of this tragedy, Shantell had to ask herself that question. What she decided to do was to continue the program. Many of the girls’ families had no alternative plans and were counting on them attending camp. But, more importantly, Shantell sensed the Lord urging her to go on–to provide something they could hold onto in this uncertain and heartbreaking time. Continuing camp gave the girls a focus and a place to talk about their feelings and their fears and to see the love of Jesus in action.

Shantell Scott is a blessing to Charleston’s Eastside community. Please check back to the Limitless Ministries website often and learn more about Shantell’s story and the Pink Bus Ministry. This wonderful program could serve as a great model for anyone working to develop an impactful neighborhood missions ministry.

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