Sometimes the Lord speaks to us through the Word, or people, or circumstances, or that “still small voice”. And sometimes—when we don’t pay attention—He pursues us in several ways all at once, until we finally get it.

I had a great life, with a job that I loved, working with churches all across the country. In that role, I had the opportunity to fellowship with some of the most influential ministry leaders in America, and speaking at conferences made me an “expert” in circles I would never have traveled in otherwise. I learned and experienced so much and—on a practical level—the income I earned brought my family comfort and material things we otherwise couldn’t have afforded.

So, when the Lord started nudging me to walk away, I was…hesitant.

I began to talk with my husband about it and, rather than stressing over the impending loss of income, he supported me in doing whatever I felt led to do.


I think part of me was hoping that (as the head of the family) he’d say leaving my job was out of the question. Then, I’d have an easy decision and God could just leave it alone.

I tried to muffle the stirring that was within me. But that stirring grew until I could no longer ignore it. In everyday conversations, I began to get confirmation after confirmation that God was calling me to move on until, after several months, I realized I was beginning to want to move on.

God gave me a vision for Limitless Ministries and, once the concept was formulated, ideas just seem to flow faster than I could put them on paper. But I still wasn’t ready to leave my job, because quitting would be impractical and totally inexplicable. And I was afraid that, to others, it would appear to be irresponsible.

And then, my husband and I got a Word from the Lord via the pulpit.

The message was about when the Lord asked Moses to, by faith, step out of his comfortable life and into the unknown. The parallels weren’t lost on me. Our pastor, TJ Johnston, challenged us to ask the Lord, “What would you have me give in response to all that you’re doing in my life?” I knew the answer before the words left his mouth.

TJ spoke about how God commanded Moses to lay down his staff—which represented his identity, his income and his influence. And then he asked the congregation, “What is your staff? Where do you get your identity, your income and your influence?” And he urged us to lay it down.

My husband and I looked at each other, knowing our decision had been made.

That afternoon I wrote my resignation letter. In it, I shared with my boss the journey I had been on, and she graciously allowed me to phase out of my position over several months. It’s been a year since then and there are still details God hasn’t revealed to me. But, what I know is that, when we put our trust in God, he supplies all our needs.

So, now I leave you with one question: Will you lay down your staff? For you, that probably doesn’t mean quitting your job, but it does mean being obedient to do the thing God is asking you to do.

The choice is up to you.

Blessings, friends.


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