What were you

uniquely created

to do?


   What if      

each of us would     

get excited & intentional     

about discovering, developing    

and using all of our God-given gifts?     

  • There are Over 280 Million Christians in the United States 100%
  • 218 Million are saddened by the decline in America’s moral values. 78%
  • 168 Million believe America is no longer a Christian nation. 60%
  • Only 28 million of them participate in ministry. 10%
  • 100% of us were uniquely created to play a vital role in the world. 100%

How could we touch hearts and minds? How could we help a hurting world?


We're glad you're here.

If you want to discover, develop and use your God-given

gifts and passions to impact the world for Christ,

this website is for you.


Bringing Our Gifts to Life!

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