What were you

uniquely created

to do?


I'm glad you're here.

If you’re a Christian who wants to be among friends as you find

your voice, develop your ministry and help bring healing to the world,

this website is for you.


   What if      

each of us would     

get excited & intentional     

about discovering, developing    

and using all of our God-given gifts?     

  • There are Over 280 Million Christians in the United States 100%
  • 218 Million are saddened by the decline in America’s moral values. 78%
  • 168 Million believe America is no longer a Christian nation. 60%
  • Only 28 million of them participate in ministry. 10%
  • 100% of us were uniquely created to play a vital role in the world. 100%

How could we touch hearts and minds? How could we help a hurting world?


Bringing Our Gifts to Life!

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