Welcome. I’d like to begin by saying that I’m very glad you’re here. For too long, I’ve felt very alone.

But I’m not, am I?

You’re out there feeling just as isolated and misunderstood. If you’re a Christian who wants to be among friends as you find your voice, develop your ministry, and help bring healing to the world, this website is for you. I’ve created this place where we’ll find ideas, encouragement, resources—and the community we’ve been looking for. Together.

Transparency and clarity are two things I value. And yet, there’s so little of either to be found anymore. Even if it’s only a brief respite from our increasingly crazy world, that’s what I’m hungering for. I suspect I’m not the only one who’s looking for more of this, so that’s what I’ll share in all of my blog posts. Sometimes, these will be the centerpiece, sometimes they will be the more subtle underpinnings of the narrative. But you will always find them here.

I’ll begin with transparency because it’s important you understand that I don’t claim to have all the answers. Like you, I’m a work in progress, just trying to find my place in this world, while staying faithful to my God and true to my principles.

For several years, I had worked as the Sales & Marketing Director for Christian Copyright Solutions. And, in that role, I spoke at conferences and shared some incredibly simple ways churches could expand their ministries, while eliminating the confusion around critical copyright issues. Many people were thankful for the tools and resources I brought them. But there were always a few in every crowd that became angered, defeated, or both. Angered, because they wanted to be doing ministry, not dealing with copyright issues. Defeated, because—although I had just simplified the whole process for them—they were fearful that they might do something wrong, and concluded that they should steer clear of certain areas of ministry.


I could not believe the willingness of these folks to just throw in the towel, simply because they were faced with a challenge. And doubly so because the focus of our conversation was about how simple the process could be. I truly do not know why, with all the positive feedback I received, I was heartbroken by the responses of those relatively few individuals, who were so easily defeated. But it bothered me deeply.

In response to this, I developed the Limitless Ministries website. My initial focus was to encourage ministry leaders. But, although I was getting positive feedback, I had a sense that I wasn’t quite where the Lord wanted me to be. I prayed about it and discussed it with my husband and other advisors and diligently researched what Christian ministry leaders wanted and needed. For months, I wandered as I wrestled with God, pleading for Him to give me clear direction.

It was during one such conversation with the Lord that I came to the realization that I had become just like those defeated folks from my CCS days.

Somehow, over time, I had become angry and bitter and cynical about having to deal with issues I didn’t want to deal with; the decay of culture, the erosion of personal freedom, the marginalization of Christians. All of it. I could feel myself withdrawing, refraining from sharing my viewpoint—and God’s truth—with anyone. Read More>>


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