Finding the thing we were meant to do begins with knowing ourselves.

We encourage you to use these free tools to gain a clear assessment of what you were uniquely created to do in this world.

Spiritual Gifts Test

Personality Type Profile

Vocational Interest Test

Behavior Inventory

Personal Strengths Inventory

What’s next, once you’ve got a clearer picture of your strengths?

Click here to find out.

This sampling of self-assessment resources is not an exhaustive list. It is just a starting point. We encourage you to seek out additional resources on your own.

It is our hope that you would be a lifelong student of yourself, so you can continue to grow and develop in your God-intended role.

Don't Wait!

Although you may not yet know all aspects of your unique calling, you can impact your world right now!

It may be the attitude we convey, our helpfulness, or just a simple smile in a world that can be harsh, unfriendly and cold.

Let’s show ’em what Jesus living in us looks like!

Through Christ We Have the Power to Change the World.

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