These are things each of us can do everyday.

When done intentionally and consistently, they can become the most effective and enriching ministries of our lives.


Babysit so parents can have time to go to school, medical appointments or just relax.


Give the gift of handcrafted items you have personally made to those in need.

Financial Aid

Anonymously provide financial assistance where and when you see a need.


Seek out younger, less experienced individuals and offer the benefit of your advice.

Secret Helper

Be on the lookout for unexpected opportunities to help others anonymously, in creative ways.

Social Media

Speak well of others, and stand out by being the voice of love in your social media exchanges.

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Deliver flowers cards, gifts and meals to those who are hospital and home bound.


Regularly invite others to share your home, especially those who are lonely or in need.

Purchase Staples

When purchasing staples for yourself, purchase extras for those in need.

Shopping Help

Make weekly shopping trips for a single parent, busy family or elderly neighbor.


Express your thankfulness to veterans, service workers, teachers, pastors and others.


Hold doors, let others go ahead of you in lines and be intentionally  courteous.


Drive someone in need to medical appointments, social visits church or the airport.


Prepare and/or serve holiday or everyday meals for individuals and families in need.


Read to children, the elderly, those with impaired vision and others who are unable to read.


Smile, to instantly communicate God’s love and improve the outlook of everyone around you.

Workplace Excellence

Represent God well by having an attitude of excellence and being the best you can be in your work.

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