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Sometimes, we feel the Holy Spirit prompting leading us to do something.

It may com from a fleeting idea that we pray over until, one day, we take steps to pursue it.

Or we may be inspired by something someone else is doing.

This section is dedicated to sharing stories of individuals who have followed the Spirit’s promptings, and to share ways you can become involved in your communities.

Operation Christmas Child

Courtney Carter

Two years ago, Courtney began to feel the Lord nudging her to become involved with Operation Christmas Child, a division of Samaritan’s purse that delivers gift packages to children in need at Christmastime. (More on Samaritan’s Purse. Each box only contained about $20 worth of materials) Courtney had come across information on the ministry and decided to persue it as a personal ministry.

That year, Courtney purchased gifts and supplies to fill (  ) boxes. Almost as soon as Christmas had passed, she felt the Lord encourage her to do more for the next year. So Courtney set her goal for (  ). But, as the year went on, she felt the Spirit leading her to do more. She continued to collect supplies, as she continue to pray about it, until she felt that 150 was the number of boxes she was being called to send.

Although each box only required about $10 worth of materials, putting together 150 boxes would require a greater commitment of her families financial resources and time–and storage space to accommodate the growing pile of purchases. Her husband thought (    ) but, together, they committed to taking on 150 boxes.

This past Christmas, Courtney’s 150 boxes were sent to children in (    ), (   ) and (   ).

(Quote) (What inspired you to do this?)

If you’re interested in becoming involved with Samarations by donating one box–or more–here are Courtney’s tips.

  • Begin by checking out the Operation Christmas Child section on the Samaritan’s Purse website, for details about how to get started, the journey your box will take, and the impact it will have to the boy or girl who will receive it.
  • How did this impact your family?
  • What did you include in your shoebox and why?
  • What did you learn?
  • How was your life impacted?
  • How did this effect others in your community?
  • Why did you feel compelled to do this?
  • Did you know about The Greatest Journey? Many people who pack shoeboxes don’t know about this follow-up discipleship program offered to most shoebox recipients.
  • Be sure to Follow Your Box and get a tracking notice that tells you where your shoebox gift is delivered! All you have to do is make your $9 shipping donation online. Explain the process to your readers and walk them through how easy it is. Then do a follow-up post when you get your notification about where your shoebox went.


Help Someone Every Day

Of course we want to develop our individual gifts.

But, the truth is, there are many things we can do that don’t require special talents

–just an awareness of a need, a willingness to help, and follow-through.

We Can Do All Things Through Christ.

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